How to Win Real Money with NetEnt Slots

First off, it is important to note that online slots are a game of pure luck and do not rely on a strategy. However, this does not deter one to have a solid proof plan on how to pull off a win at .

Finding a Reliable Casino

NetEnt supplies to over 200 trusted online casinos that make use of their software with the casino games. The first step in your journey should be finding a preferred casino that offers legit transactions such as at , to ensure your winnings are secure.

  • NetEnt has over 200 casino games
  • Over 170 casinos rely on their services

At NetEnt, it uses a legit and trusted licensing and regulation protocol for ensuring that the casino games are authentic and fair. NetEnt is a member of the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority which tests and approves the games by the software developer.

Welcome Bonus Features

As part of your winning strategy, it does not always have to come from your pocket. The main idea behind pulling off a win with NetEnt slots is having a number when spinning the reels. This is exactly what you get from the welcome bonus features.

Some welcome bonus features such as free spins are offered to new players after signing up to the site. A player can make use of the free spins to earn more spins on the reels to increase their chances of winning the slots.

Understanding the Return to Player Rates

As part of the business strategy, online casinos use the return to player rates to make their profits through the house edge. Therefore, as part of your game play, you should take into account the percentage proportion of your winnings that go to the house.

  • Profitable games have a RTP of above 96%
  • Any RTP of 96% below gains a higher house edge

With a high return to player rate, it means that you stand a higher chance of retaining a large chunk of your winnings while giving the house edge. On the other hand, having a low return to player rate means that the house stands to win the most.

Volatility of Slots

Volatility of slots means the risk level that comes with the casino game. As a player, you should be willing to overcome the risk level in case you want to pull off a large win. This makes it your preference to go for the high volatile slot games.

However, if you are a first time player, you should target the low volatile slots that have a low risk level with the slot machines. It ensures that you get small wins to build your bankroll and prevents you from destroying your stakes.


Making High Bets

The essence of online gambling with your stakes is winning large on the reels. Therefore, it breeds the need for making high bets that have a large potential winning. With a high bet, it bears more risks but has more rewards in terms of the proceedings.

  • Higher bets fetch a high price
  • Casino games are divided based on risk level

The payout percentages are similar in relation to the wager placed by the player. In case your strategy is making small wins with the slot machines, do not change your strategy. Keep building your bankroll and reaping off the small wins for an eventual large winning.

Last modified: 21 January 2021